Monday, February 9, 2009


Download: Megaupload

01 Sad But True / 10-FEET  
02 Motorbreath / 9mm Parabellum Bullet  
03 Creeping Death / RAZORS EDGE  
04 Metal Militia / FUCK YOU HEROES  
06 Through The Never / UZUMAKI  
07 Seek & Destroy / INSOLENCE  
08 Fuel / TOTALFAT  
09 Enter Sandman / POLYSICS  
10 St.Anger / 2side1BRAIN  
11 Fight Fire With Fire / OUTRAGE

Japanese Metallica Tribute!
Thxs to Takun for the link!


nmlss -ヤレド- said...

My score for this album: FUCKING SHIT!!! Beat Crusaders' "One" made my ears bleed, and Razors Edge's "Creeping Death" too. Worst fucking tribute album ever.

Japs need to learn how to play Metallica with respect.

Lulu said...

i guess the reason why it made u feel that way is most of the bands in that tribute album are punk bands.
and as u know,metallica is a famous thrash metal band.:P

so,sounds kind of different maybe?:D

have a nice day.=)

Bichu said...

Fuckin' metallica fans... jajaja
The Razors edge cover is awesome!!!!!!

nmlss -ヤレド- said...

@Lulu: Well, they are "punk" bands. I like japanese music, but that's not punk. PUNK are The Misfits, The Clash, Shotgun Remedy, Sour, Black Flag, Vice Squad, etc etc etc but not that. Metallica made ONE thrash album, "Kill 'em all", the rest aren't thrash as well.

@Bichu: Fucking Bichu.... Razors Edge's cover SUCKS MY FUCKING BALLS. The only not-bad covers are from 10-FEET, Totalfat and Outrage. The rest of the "album" made my rectum bleed....

Lulu said...

u know what,i cannot agree with your.
japanese always have their own genres of music,don't they?
A 10-years-punk-band suddenly became "unpunk" just because "u don't think so"?
and metallica,whatever u think about them,they're still a metal band.different from punk,right?

everyone has his own opinions about music,that's it's unnecessary to argue with u.
but if u don't like this stuff,i'll NEVER force u to keep them in ur computer.
plz learn how to thank the others for sharing.thank u very much.

Bichu said...

Nmlss, these bands were punk at 80 but now punk is diferent, ist only music!!

Peace brothers!!!

nmlss -ヤレド- said...

Bichu.... what would yo do if some bands that you like (or you don't dislike) made a Muse cover album destroying their songs???

It's the same. I love Beat Crusaders, 10-FEET, Polysics (or die!), and I've even discovered new bands, but.... the album stills being a bad cover album.

@Lulu: Sorry fot my troll mode. I'm too fan of Metallica.