Saturday, March 14, 2009

F.I.B - FIGURE(2009)

F.I.B - FIGURE(2009)

Download:Megaupload (thanks to Daisuke!! xD)


WE ALL LOVE F.I.B!!(i'm too excited to say anything else...T_T)
today is the 2 months' birthday of this blog btw,here comes something special!:D
and we really appreciate all the people who ever shared some awesome stuffs with us or the ones keep an eye out for this blog!
due to your support we can keep on,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!:D
(Click HERE to get their 1st ep.)

1. You will be the next
2. I’m proud
3. promised place
4. To Another World
6. 80%
7. Our Scenery
8. As You Feel
9. Moments Not Words
10. To Hope
11. moonlight
12. My Hands

F.I.B "promised place"