Monday, March 2, 2009


V.A. - INDIE TOP (ONE)(2008)


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Compilation from a chinese indie label "SOMA ART." ,including pop punk,emo,country,electronica...etc.
u could go check the official web to have a listen first!xD

001 蘑菇团-等待 (Mushroom Band - Waiting)
002 杜佳宣-我 (Jiaxuan Du - I)
003 钟茌-Chain of Desire (Chi Zhong - Chain of Desire)
004 王啸坤-菩提树下 (Xiaokun Wang - Under the Linden)
005 小自然- Different world (Little Nature - Different world)
006 MOMO-小妖怪 (MOMO - Little Sprite)
007 LOTZ-老老欢喜侬 (LOTZ - Like You Most)  
008 IGO-Super Virus (IGO - Super Virus)   
009 苏丹-我们的爱情 (Dan Su - Our Love)   
010 十四行诗-stupid baby (Sonnet - Stupid Baby)   
011 MONOKINO(Germany)- New kid (MONOKINO - New kid)  
012 冷冻街-窃听机 (Frozen Street - Dictagraph)
013 33岛-King (Island 33 - King)

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diane said...

This is a great indie compilation! I've been looking for good Chinese indie bands, but I've always come up short. This just made my day, thanks so much!