Saturday, March 14, 2009

knotlamp - sing against the stream(2009)

knotlamp - sing against the stream(2009)

Download:Rapidshare (thanks to Junior!! :D)


the 1st full album of knotlamp,to my surprise they've progressed a lot.and this album is more awesome than before in my opinion,enjoy it! :D
(Click HERE to get their former stuffs.)

01, 時の行方
02, ずっと何処かに
03, Not alone
04, My steady faith
05, Brilliant steps
06, LAST TRAIN -新しい朝-
07, Fall to pieces
08, All may not be real
09, Time matters
10, Among my friends
11, We go alone

PV-ずっと何処かに(recommendation from Junior =D)

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pinkboy said...

isn't that Adeyto on the cover!??? so cool!