Sunday, August 15, 2010


UNLIMITS - 蒼 (2010)

Download: UM Forum (Thanks to chome for sharing!)

UNLIMITS - 茜-アカネ- (2009)

Download: Mediafire 41Mb/320kbps

UNLIMITS - 七色の記憶(2005)

UNLIMITS - 月アカリサイレース (2006)
UNLIMITS - クローバー(2007)

UNLIMITS - 夢幻シンドローム(2008)

Female guitarist & drummer~~~~~:D


Bichu said...

I love u LULU!!!!! I was looking for the two firsts mini albums a lot of timeeeeeee *O*

Abstruse.B said...

I still love you guys for this =p

BlackBurn said...

thaaanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thanksssssss ^_^

Abstruse.B said...


Nahraf_Piol FieLD said...

so cool gurL guitarist and drummer..
thanks lulu...

Anonymous said...

Hi People
this site is great!
do you have how share the new album by another server? People like me who doesn't know read kanji would not be very much abble to register to that i am not being capable to download..and i really really really want it!!Thanks

James-小霸王- said...
this is a tutorial link for the forum ^.^

bao said...

thanks so much for putting these up! i just recently found out about this band and their great!