Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Detroit7 - Black & White (2009)

Download: Mediafire 256kbps/55Mb

Detroit7 - Detroit7 (2009)

Download: Mediafire Myspace rip

Detroit7 - Great Romantic (2006)

Download: Megaupload 320kbps/113Mb

Detroit7 - 1love (2005)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/87Mb

Detroit7 - Vertigo (2003)

Download: Mediafire 160kbps/25Mb


Detroit7 - Third Star From the Earth (2008)

Download: Mediafire 160kbps/18Mb

Detroit7 - EP Vol.2 (2005)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/22Mb

Detroit7 - EP Vol.1 (2005)

Download: Mediafire 160kbps/21Mb

Detroit7 - Come on (2004)

Download: Mediafire 160kbps/13Mb


Good Rock from Japan!


Anonymous said...

hey! thank you for the mp3s ^^
i saw them yesterday and wow! their show was incredible :) i also bought their newest album <333

Anonymous said...

Hey !

I love the Detroit7 but I can't find the latest albums.

You shared it but the leechs on MediaFire and MegaUp seem to be dead. Can you update it, please ?

Thank you so much in advance !