Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Strikers

The Strikers - Untouchable Territories (2006)

Awesome skate punk from Corea.

Download: Mediafire

1. Untouchable
2. Dear Mother
3. Ocean
4. Imagine
5. Promise
6. Advance
7. Reality
8. Turn Back Time
9. Silence
10. Skate 4 Life
11. Tomorrow
12. Mystic Spiral
13. Dawn
14. Missing

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

thanx for knowing this band.
corea have lots of punk bands. xD
i recommand you NO BRAIN!
this band is like as... sex pistols and clash.
and japanese band THE CRO-MAGNONS!
this is awesome!
the reader and guitar of THE BLUE HEARTS's new band.
THE CRO-MAGNONS is totally great! well.. it's not much as THE BLUE HEARTS, but still cool!