Sunday, April 26, 2009


この度、UPPER から皆様にお伝えしなければならない事があります。UPPER は現在出演が決定している 2本のライブを最後に解散する事になりました。Drum の S.Y.U がバンドから脱退する事になり、今後についてメンバー間で話し合った結果、解散という結論に至りました。

According to the announcement of UPPER on the official web of PiZZA OF DEATH, becuz of the drummer S.Y.U's leaving,they eventually decided to disband after the last 2 lives in Japan.

The gist of the UPPER message is:

UPPER decided to disband after the last Shindaita FEVER live on 4th,May.Thanks very much to the fans,the staffs,the officials,and everyone who ever met with us in the past 10 years till now.
We really appreciate the support of the fans especially.To the people who came to watch our lives,or who like UPPER but cannot come,and the people we even might not know,thanks to all of you we could keep moving on so far.
We feel sorry for the disbandment,however,it's the conclusion of discussing by all of us.Although there're only 2 lives left,we'll do our best and enjoy the stage we can stand on together.
The new future of us will start independently though,we'll treasure the experiences and the memories we had,and expand the music scene than ever.

Learn More On PiZZAOFDEATH & Myspace.and get their awesome stuffs HERE.


Lulu said...

THE WORST NEWS EVER!!they're one of my favorite bands afterall!

i'm totally speechless,DAMN!!!!!!!

sorry for my poor english & japanese btw.

mpazzhole said...