Friday, May 21, 2010

Dirty Old Men

Dirty Old Men - Present (2006)
Download:Mediafire 320kbps/40.6Mb

Dirty Old Men - rain show (2007)
Download:MirrorCreator 128kbps/8Mb

Dirty Old Men - immature (2007)
Download:MirrorCreator 192kbps/33.1Mb

Dirty Old Men - bud (2008)
Download:MirrorCreator 192kbps/74.1Mb

Dirty Old Men - FORM of LIGHT (2008)
Download:Mediafire 128kbps/4.1Mb

Dirty Old Men - accelerate (2009)
Download:Mediafire 320kbps/49.3Mb

Dirty Old Men - Dirty Old Men e.p (2010)
Download:Megaupload 320kbps/36.3mb

Dirty Old Men - Time Machine (2010)
Download:Megaupload 320kbps/74.2mb


Nobuyuki's voice can always calm me down.
Dirty Old Men is gone major too,who's the next?

moon wet with honey (from bud)

rain show


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!
i was looking for this songs >_<
they aren't very popular so i didn't find their songs nowhere

Mimi said...

Hi! Thankd for uploading! I love this band! Would you mind uploading Dirty Old Men's Immature album again? Doesn't seem to be working. Thank you!

Billy said...

thanks for the new album, LuluSan ^ ^

Anonymous said...

They're the best!
Is there any site where I can find the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

can you reupload their album 'present'? the link is not working anymore -_-
thank you

kai said...

thank you very much!
this site is the only source for dirty old men recently!

unfortunately some of the links have been deleted but i'm thinking about buying their cd anyway :)

Yoko-chan90 said...

Hi! I just found out about this band and started to like their music very quickly.
Thank for uploading the music here. So I could try their sound! ♥

lee said...

please reupload the link again. cz almost of the links are dead.
i fuond this band by an accident, and i really love it.