Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Download:Megaupload 320kbps/67.29MB (CD ripped by Charlie,any form of forwarding the post is declined)


i love this band!

3.Oath and Start
6.Virtual play
7.remembrance ID
8.LOST:FOUND feelings


Anonymous said...

I have a simple solution for you if you don't want your rips to be forwarded: stop sharing your rips online.
I mean dude, what time are you living in, it's piracy we're talking about! you can't seriously be so naive to think that you can rip an album, upload it to a sharing service, share the link on a blog that has hundreds, maybe thousands of views each day and hope that no one distributes the rip further.
anyways, thank you for your time and effort making the rip and sharing it with us. appreciate it.
peace out.

Anonymous said...

btw, I think you messed up the files a little. the link contains Smash Up's 777 album.


Bichu said...

Hey dude, thanks for your opinion. I'm agree with you in part but Charlie and Lulu bought the albums and ripped it, so it isn't piracy. The problem is that we found some sites that upload the most part of our albums to another site, and we spent a lot of time for free for find and post all the albums. I think the visitors should respect that charlie and lulu only wanna share the albums with UnderMusik visitors because thats what differ us of another blogs.
Btw, opinions with respect is always positive.
Enjoy the albums and sorry for my poor english.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bichu,
nowadays piracy is known in law as when someone copies copyrighted material without the owners approval, in this case an album. In most countries it's not piracy when someone copies or rips an album for it's personal use without further distribution, but as soon as you put it online it's piracy. At least in most of the courts. Buying the album doesn't make that right. It just shows that at least you respect the artists work and support them by buying a legal copy.

Anyway, let's not argue about that. I'm actually glad it's you who answered me Bichu. I'm Epikk from Nigihana. You left a comment in my shoutbox the other day. I sent you a reply but you didn't answer yet. Hope you'll check it now if you haven't yet.

I respect that they wanna share their music only here, I really do. However, that strategy relies solely on the dignity and honor of those downloading from here. That's why I said that you can't really be so naive to share music on a free access blog and expect that thousands of visitors will just download it, be grateful and that's it.
The only method that would stop further distribution of music on this blog would be to make it private. I don't really know much about blog coding but I'm pretty sure that someone who knows can implement a invite system. And you would let only a few chosen people in. But then you would be totally cut off from the outside world. I suggest you do this if you are really serious about not forwarding music to other sites but at the same time share it online anyway.

I'm being far to long again, sorry about that. Just one last thing. I hope you reply to my shout at Nigihana. Fact is I love japanese punk-rock and in about a year as a japanese punk-rock lover I haven't found a better source for that kind of music than UndergroundMusik. I usually keep my opinions objective but in this case I can't because you guys simply rock. And since Nigihana is a nice community I wanna share that great music there.
And as I said in my shout, if you really don't want me to distribute your rips on NH, I apologize for doing so once again and will stop right away (meaning I stopped a couple of days ago).

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

I don't wanna spam this with my long comments so if you wanna talk in private or something you can send me a PM at NH or mail me:
Ofc the other admins are free to contact me and give their 2 cents about this whole thing too.

Lulu said...

really appreciate ur comments so far,and i'm sorry for my selfishness on this kind of issues.we saved money for buying those dear stuffs and i really don't want someone to forward them without a word.hope u could understand.
i'll apologize if the words after the link ever bother u.:D

good day.

Anonymous said...

Ok, if you don't give me permission I won't multiply the releases from here.


pal.ncf said... is a great site.
We able to know there are many kind of punkrock music in the world.

Each band will have their own fans, which mean, they will buy the original stuffs, coz it will get more contents instead of of just downloanding fr the website.

Underground scene is not not for a commercial.

Pal-The Refugee SAVE BALI

Bichu said...

I sent you the solution in Nigihana Epikk ;)

The Refugee you sound really cool!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

''The link you clicked is no longer available.'' ://