Friday, June 19, 2009

UnderMusik Compilation #1

UnderMusik Compilation #1 - CD1

Download: Mediafire

UnderMusik Compilation #1 - CD2

Download: Mediafire

For celebrate the 100.000 hits we made this Compilation of the most downloaded bands uploaded by Lulu and me!! Thanks to all for visiting us we hope 100.000 more hits soon :P

Special Thanks to: Lulu, HiRo, Charlie69, Takun, nmlss, zhangbiao, Split, Paul, Kurenai, Chu, akitaka, Junior, Iro, 起床浩, Agus, Calvin, Brain, Shevy, SOLP, Larry's Pizza, The Refugee, Summer's Over, The Little Rock, Long Drive Tonight, Failing Forward, Thousand Needles, Right Choice, Happy Riol Forever, Sushibashi, HARDMILK, FastCrash, Foropunk, Indonesia, China, Japan, Spain, our dads&mums and all the people/band I forgot :P



01. 10-FEET - 1sec
02. 69bug - Nothing
03. Detroit7 - Owari Wa Hajimari
04. Fact - Reborn
05. Hawaiian6 - Shadows Of The Sun
06. Locofrank - Survive
07. Nature Living - I Wish I Could Be There
08. Sandy Beach Surf Coaster - I Only Want To Be With You
09. Razors Edge - The Close Game
10. Riddle - Never Close My Eyes
11. Rin Toshite Shigure - Telecastic Fake Show
12. The Back Horn - Cobalt Blue
13. Hi-Standard - California Dreamin'


01. DRADNATS - promise
02. larry's pizza - Unstoppable
03. Northern19 - crave you
04. BiSKET - last day
05. TNX - Straight Song
06. Crossfaith - Mirror
08. FAITH - Dreamland Surf Trip
09. F.I.B - moments not words
10. the CLUTCH - Trial and Error
11. SECRET 7 LINE - crazy of the week
12. SERVICE ACE - good bye
13. Daffy Strike - sing for you

Picture made by Shevy, thanks dude!


Chu said...

Damn! We have to this! Thanx you guys!
Viva la!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much ^^

pal.ncf said...

Guys, this compilation is rock, i like it.

Best regards,
The Refugee

Ilwën said...

ñaña ya me estoy bajando los CDs, esta tarde o mañana los escucho