Monday, July 26, 2010

UM Forum Opening Up!!!

Ok,as we said a few days ago,the door of the forum now is opening and waiting for you guys to come join us!

This blog will be still existing but we UM Team are gonna mainly post in the forum first,then partially forward the posts here(might be without DL links but forum ones instead).

Since a forum is much more private,we're trying to encourage the visitors to share the music they love themselves and make this underground scene much bigger.we've already received some rare stuff we were looking for in a few short days of forum testing(like 69bug,WRECKingCReW,EGNISH and stuff) and we wish there could be more people to join us.
*Thanx to all the people who ever helped us with forum testing

But please be aware of following points:
1,You might not be able to download all the stuff in the forum as soon as you register.
we have member rank system,of course.But i can assure you that you can get to access the Elite Forum one day,as long as you're passionate enough for music sharing.
2,Please read the rules of every section first.
3,Do not re-post anything from UM Forum to the others.
4,The forum still looks a bit crude,but we'll work harder on that. (>_<)
5,If you dunno how to register or change the forum default language(Japanese),read the tutorial


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