Thursday, August 5, 2010


Wienners - CULT POP JAPAN (2010/07/07)
Download:UM Elite Forum (Credits to nomadlife)

Wienners - Cosmo Pop Attack (2009)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/11mb

::Official site::

Crazy, short, fast, wacky Japanese pop/punk/power pop/something? =P Check the videos below for a preview...


Anonymous said...

Great find ! It remembers me John Zorn's work with Naked City.

Could you upload V.A./NO MATTER WHERE WE GO! from Wienners ? Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Very sad what this blog has became. A pain in the ass to join the forum only written in japanese and when you finally achieve that, there's this crappy elite forum rules... i don't know why you have done that but now i know that i won't discover japanese music underground anymore.

Lulu said...

i bet you never posted any thanx comments here, let alone bought those CDs you really love with your own money then shared.

i don't expect you to be grateful for WHAT YOU'VE ALREADY GOT, but we're still what we used to be, the forum is making us more professional, we're getting loads of awesome stuff from our members.

we're grateful, but you? don't leave a complaining comment here, but meantime still download the stuff from our forum.

thanx for visiting us.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lulu... I have always thanked when i have downloaded and i can tell you that i have thanked you (or another one) when you let us discovered the first ep from wienners some months ago... anyway you can do whatever you want. I now understand that the reason behind your forum is to force people to say thank you... why not...

Lulu said...

if thats all u can get after this long speaking, i'm done talking.

Benjamin said...

It's for you "Anonymous" !

Ps: You are very beautiful Lulu ;)

greetings from France :)

Creepypincheright (c) said...

I love Wienners,
is a amazing band!
thanks for share

i love undermusik too! ^^