Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seventh Tarz Armstrong - The World's Endandbelief (2009)

Seventh Tarz Armstrong - The World's Endandbelief (2009)

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Do u guys still remember this pop-punk girl? (check out the first album here)
So shes back with a whole new album in Aug. this year!
This time, this lucy girl's new songs are all written by famous bands over the country - even the world. such as FACT, vibedred, MY SUMMER PLAN, SCOTT MURPHY, PINKLOOP...
Especially recomment to people who like speacialthanks^^

01. wonder land(Non Pianoforte Countdown Mix)[REDISTE-5] .
02. my mistake[POPDISASTER] .
03. around the night, in NewJK.[SUGARCULT] .
04. did you stand here on that day?[STRIPE EFFECT] .
05. my feeling feared(ver.Back of FieldsCamp.)[vibedred] .
06. i know...[MY SUMMER PLAN] .
7. Words, Belief and Corruption[New Song by FACT] .
08. last summer[STEREO VISION] .
09. Arms, Darkness and The World's End[New Song by SUGGY] .
10. goodnight war at 3Cafes.[SCOTT MURPHY] .
11. junction 747(Kick The Bass EP Mix)[SNAILRAMP] .
12. the things that never cross[ZZ] .
13. Math, lgnorance and School Harbor[New Song by THE COWBOY BLASTERS] .
14. flute[PINKLOOP] .
15. IKBKR. owl tells westexitpark-shyndro-me[DUNCAN REDMONDS(SNUFF, THE TOY DOLLS, BILLY NO MATES)] .
16. good bye, my good fellows!!~Life Time~[in 2nd E.P.]

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4ki said...

Really not sure on how to feel about this girl. On one hand she's a good outlet for exposing independent musicians by proxy, but on the other hand is riding off of their creative energy for a buck and not really pulling off the songs 'right' (her vocals are way, way tonally sterile and audibly filtered...she could learn from Youjeen). This whole 'avril' complex really doesn't help much, either.

Strongest tracks imo have to be 1 (I will definitely look up REDISTE-5) and 4 (rhythm switch at 1:25 had good timing).

I really wished Suggy and STRIPE EFFECT were still making stuff, track 4 and 9 could have been much better.

Despite these feelings, thanks for the share. Something about it was an eye opener to what's going on in Japanese music, notably some sort of strange melding between mainstream and indie. Whether it's a good thing is debatable.