Friday, August 6, 2010


SHANK - Loving Our Small Days (2010.08.04)
Download:UM Forum (Credits to monster)

SHANK - my sweet universe (2009)
Download:Mediafire 320kbps/29.1mb (Credits to me,no reposting,thanx)


This brand new full length album from SHANK would definitely be a must for all the j punk lovers, a VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RELEASE from lulu!!!Get their 1st mini here


Anonymous said...

1. I'd like to say thank you for this album! It's EPIC!


2. I wanted to say I understand what your saying about the whole rare albums thing. Again, I wanted to say thanks for uploading all of this stuff ^^


Calvin said...

Hey James, thanks for understanding and enjoy this excellent album! (b^_^)b

Lulu said...


i know some people's gonna pop out and say like i'm too childish and stuff though...
thanx for understanding!!

Kevin said...

Thanks for the upload Lulu, and I hope you know that we really do appreciate all of your posts. Don't listen to the unappreciative jerks and idiots. You kick ass!

Oh, and that's a great album you uploaded.

Thanks again.

Jez said...

I LOVE the fact that this is like the only blog where I can find music of the band that I saw in Japan in microscopic livehouses!

Really, don't be upset by some flaming jerks.

You guys do a great job by distributing great music to overseas listeners.

BTW: Are you interested in more of that stuff? I could upload some, when my CD package arrives...

Bichu said...

Thank you guys for your support! :D

Jez, we need the collaboration of our visitors, If you could send some albums we'll be very glad ;)

Send the album to please ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah, like Jez say, this the best blog where i can find music "Japanesse Band".....^ ^d

thanks Lulu & All for your music...

Nahraf_malaysia said...

thax lulu.. for me this the great album for this year.. thax a lots