Friday, November 13, 2009

Reach up to the universe

Reach up to the universe - Reach up to the universe (2006)
Download:Megaupload 192kbps/31.8mb (thanx to Akitaka for the link ^^)

1. Reasons
2. Company
3. Too Small To Recognize
4. In
6. Flair

Reach up to the universe - You & Me (2008)
Download:Megaupload 192kbps/51.7mb


i remember there was a request about they come!the feature is the female cellist/keyboardist.they're taking a break now though...enjoy! ;)

1. Hand In Hand
3. Sweet
4. How Long?
5. Faster Mistake
6. Nothing But You
7. S.T.A.R.S
8. 小さな音楽会
9. Save Me
10. Wonderful World


reach up to the universe | MySpace Video


Anonymous said...

OMG I love this! MOAR PEASE!!!!

Cybercomet said...

It was I who made the request. And wow, thanks a ton for this and everything else you do!

Lulu said...

glad u like it.:)
and thank u for ur support...

ray/明 said...

I have their first release as well, if anyone wants it. Different line-up though, lead vox quit the band upon the second release, they essentially became a whole different sound in favor of more power-pop.

Bichu said...

hey ray could you send us the first release please? ;)

ray/明 said...

of course

Cybercomet said...

Thanks a ton for their first album, Ray!

Agent99 said...

Can someone reup the Reach up to the universe album? It has been taken down.