Monday, December 28, 2009


BULL ZEICHEN 88 - Prologue (2009)

Download: Mediafire 128kbps/12Mb

BULL ZEICHEN 88 - Boimahe (2008)
Download: Mediafire 320kbps/23Mb

BULL ZEICHEN 88 - Reset (2008)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/21Mb

BULL ZEICHEN 88 - Flywar (2007)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/27Mb

BULL ZEICHEN 88 - Infinity (2007)

Download: Mediafire 160kbps/14Mb

::Official Site::

A Brian's request. Rock from Japan!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunset Bus - Come Again

Sunset Bus - Come Again (2008)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/36.7mb


Punk/Ska from Japan!

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Friday, December 25, 2009


Lo - color (2008)


Lo - Water (2006)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/30Mb

Lo きくさきづき


Alternative rock from Japan.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boobie Trap

Boobie Trap - Bring Out Freedom (2009)

Boobie Trap - Ride On The Sound Wave (2008)

Download: Mediafire 128kbps/20Mb


Fast 3 piece(always the best)melodic punk band from japan!! for the fans of SHANK. xD

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas and some changes!

Hi guys! I want to announce some changes in the web! Now the e-mail of the web will be:

Please, change our direction ;)

And if you want to talk with some of us individually we have created an account for everyone. The accounts are these:

Bichu ->
Lulu ->
Calvin ->
Charlie69 ->
HiKio ->

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Now some presents...

For Him:

For Her:

I'm sorry girls, I only found this picture XDDDD

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

CRAZY HiTMAN - Island For Myself

CRAZY HiTMAN - Island For Myself (2008)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/72.72mb

::Official site::

More Summer type Ska/Punk from Japan! I know it's winter but these might make you feel warm...

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

NEUTRAL - Compromised Oneself

NEUTRAL - Compromised Oneself (2008)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/46.13mb

::Official site::

Fast, melodic skatepunk from Japan!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Puli - fellows met by chance (2006)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/46Mb

Puli - Repaint Our Dwelling (2004)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/55Mb

Puli - Never Cayght My Eyes Ep (2003)

Download: Mediafire

puli Daybreak PV

puli | MySpace Music Videos


Thanks again to Shu for the albums. Alternative rock from Japan, it sounds like The Band Apart.

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SKALL HEADZ - Hit The Top Heavy City

SKALL HEADZ - Hit The Top Heavy City (2009)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/48.93mb

::Official site::

Melodic Ska/Punk from Japan! A really good album...

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Berry Roll

Berry roll - Daydreaming (2007)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/44Mb

Berry roll - Put up your dukes!! (2006)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/34Mb

Berry roll - Change my life (2003)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/28Mb

What an upside down world

BERRY ROLL | MySpace Music Videos


BERRY ROLL | MySpace Music Videos


Fast pop-punk with female vocal from Japan! Thanks to Pi for the albums!!!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fuck'in Boys 365 - Free

Fuck'in Boys 365 - Free (2006)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/43.5mb

::Official site::

Ska/Punk from Japan! A good album with some fun, upbeat songs... :D

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Her Spectacles - Remain

Her Spectacles - Remain (2006)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/26.74mb


Melodic punk from Japan! They sound a bit different to the usual, good stuff though, give'em a try... :P

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thursday - Envy - Split (2008)

Download: Mediafire

Envy & Jesu Split (2008)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Transfovista (2007)

Download (audio): Mediafire
Download (DVD): Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part4 - Part5 - Part6

Envy - Abyssal (2007)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Insomniac Doze (2006)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Compiled Fragments 1997-2003 (2005)

Download: Mediafire

Envy & Yaphet Kotto & This Machine Kills (2003)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - A Dead Sinking Story (2003)

Download: Mediafire

Envy & Iscariote - Our Dreams Walking Their Way (2002)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Last Wish (2001)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - All The Footprints You've Ever Left And Fear Expecting Ahead (2001)

Download: Mediafire

Envy & This Machine Kills Split (2000)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - The Eyes Of Single Eared Prophet (2000)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - The Eyes of Final Proof (2000)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Burning Out The Memories (2000)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Angel's Curse Whispered In The Edge Of Despair (1999)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - From Here to Eternity (1998)

Download: Mediafire

Envy & Endeavor Split (1997)

Download: Mediafire

Envy - Breathing And Dying In This Place (1996)

Download: Mediafire

Envy & Sixpence Split (1996)

Download: Mediafire


This is a really MUST have. Awesome post-hardcore band from Japan.

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