Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas and some changes!

Hi guys! I want to announce some changes in the web! Now the e-mail of the web will be:

Please, change our direction ;)

And if you want to talk with some of us individually we have created an account for everyone. The accounts are these:

Bichu ->
Lulu ->
Calvin ->
Charlie69 ->
HiKio ->

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Now some presents...

For Him:

For Her:

I'm sorry girls, I only found this picture XDDDD


Anonymous said...

machista! por lo menos el de l afoto tiene un buen culito, como el de Diego :3

Split said...

La chica de la foto 11, esta muy guapa. *w*

Bichu said...

Split tio, TODAS estan cañon jajaja

Split said...

jajajaja, de eso no hay duda, pero esa me ha gustado mas. xD

Lulu said...

man,seriously u can keep those pics to urself...@_@

this's unfair!!!!!!

KoSai said...


I prefer the last pict!!!!!!!!! ¬¬ why do you post only a one picture of Santa boy ¬¬? jajja

Tio said...

hy gas !!! very good the blog !!!

Anonymous said...

yo guys,
is this some kinda porn site now???
kidding, no offense guys.
not bad, nice picts.
merry X-mas.
peace, agusucx.