Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary!!

This day of last year Bichu and I as the 2 original admins started this lame place for fun(maybe not just for fun...).today,finally we can celebrate our anniversary just like every other awesome,ass kicking,unfailing music sharing blog does(i'm not saying we're good as them though)!
as a j rock/punk music share station we've actually been through a lot of troubles,some of which even came from the labels and bands themselves.but still,we respect them as we used to.our moms taught us to say thanx,now its for all the guys that actually created those awesome music!we're gonna keep posting if u're ok with it..xD cuz u totally ROCK!!

during the last year there were loads of people who kept visiting and supporting us,some elites of them have joined us as well — thanx to Calvin,Charlie,HiRo,Hikio,we've now got over 350 posts and uncountable stuff for downloading during just one year!UM would be shitty without u(we still suck though).i love u guys!and all of our visitors would appreciate ur generosity and hard work.
also i wanna thank all the 450,000 hits u dearest folks gave us,the stuff u shared with us,and the picky requests u poured out upon our heads!thanx for bichu coming up with this damn cool idea of starting UM and dealing with those trifles for me.thanx to all the friends and indonesian bands!;)

i keep talking a lot cuz i'm not gonna put any porn pics here.sorry's my little piece of gift for u all,happy anniversary!happy new year!明けましておめでとうございます!新年快乐!happy valentines day!happy chinese new year!and happy whosever birthday!!

3style - way (2009) - 2nd demo
Download:Megaupload 320kbps/16.4mb (CD ripped by me,no reposting thanx)


u won't believe this is just their 2nd demo...check them out if u like runners-hi,the clutch and whichever faaaast j melodic punk band.IMC limited stuff. support them by buying their CDs or just leaving some comments on their myspace page! ;)

Tracklist( my mind we save


Bichu said...

Labels "a long crap"? xDDD

Thanks for the post Lulu *O* I didn't remember that!!! Fucking memory...

I hope to keep on so much years more!!!

But I think it'd be better with a horny picture! :P

Happy anniversary for you too ^^

Thanks for all to you and all the UM staff!!

James M. said...

Wow, it's been a year already??
I guess the time flies when someones listening to the most awesome music in the world....posted by the greatest punk-rock site ever!!!
Thanks for everything you guys >.<
Happy Anniversary!

Bichu said...

Thanks you guys for all the support! :D

Dan said...

Happy Anniversary! and thank u very much!! i love u.
I'm agree with James M, best music blog ever
Thanks guys!

Jez said...

Dudes and dudettes,
thank you! =D

I really appreciate your work, because it is VERY hard to find that stuff outside your page.

Keep it up!

P is For PAUL said...

MANTAAAAAAB !!! Keep up that goodwork guys !!! ^_^

Lulu said...

may god bless all the people who love us just like u guys do...

Kayleigh said...

Wow, a year already...hope you guys are still around for years to come. ^^ It's super refreshing to see a blog dedicated to this type of music, and that works so closely with so many artists! Your success is well-deserved--keep it up!

Cybercomet said...

You guys are like seriously THE BEST! I check this site almost every day. Keep up all the great work!