Saturday, February 27, 2010

Solaris - Youth Of Distortion (2007)

ソラリス - Youth of distortion (2007)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/38Mb


Alternative/Indie from Japan!

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Inhale - Heaven & Hell (2009)

Download: Mediafire 128kbps/53Mb


Thanks to Shirogumi for the album! Metal/Screamo from Japan!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

People in the Box

People In The Box - Sky Mouth (2010)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/26Mb

People In The Box - Ghost Apple (2009)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/70Mb

People in the Box - Bird Hotel (2008)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/37Mb

People in the Box - Rabbit Hole (2007)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/58Mb

People in the Box - Frog Queen (2007)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/44Mb

天使の胃袋 music video

People In The Box | MySpace Music Videos


Alternative band from Japan. New single!

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Monday, February 22, 2010



Download: Mediafire 160kbps/39.66mb


Ska Punk from Japan! 20 songs, including demos and lives...

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Yoshio Kimura - Wakai Saundo (Young Sound) (1965)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/46Mb

This is for music lovers. Surf/psychobilly rock from 1965!! Totally Recommended!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Within the Last Wish

Within the Last Wish - The World is Painted Out (2009)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/50Mb (Thanks to euji for sending us the album and to Wind for upload!!)

Within The Last Wish - I Talk About My Pain Here For Purification Of Memories (2006)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/22Mb


Hardcore/Screamo from Japan. Here we have the first ep!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three Minute Movie

Three Minute Movie - Betting for Broke Players (2007)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/43Mb

Three Minute Movie - The Miles Apart split (2004)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/10Mb (only tmm songs)

Three Minute Movie - The Film Reflects a Dramatic City (2003)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/52Mb

Three Minute Movie - I Hope The End Is Always The Beginning (2002)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/10 Mb (only tmm songs)

Three Minute Movie - Another Night, Exchanged Letters (2002)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/46Mb

Three Minute Movie - Rhythm of Wind and Water (2000)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/53Mb

Three Minute Movie - Braid split (1999)

Download: Mediafire 128kbps/10Mb (only tmm songs)


Powerpop/pop-rock from Japan!

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AVNEL - Just Like This (2010)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/95Mb


Thanks to 懶的登入 for the album! Pop-punk from Japan.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Little Rock

The Little Rock - It's Time To Strike Back (2009)

Download: Mediafire

Download: Mediafire

Download: Megaupload


First album of our friends The Little Rock! This is a very great work! Fast punk-rock from Bali, Indonesia!!

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Twister 25point7

1st Demo
Punkrocknation Album (2004)
And the End Ep (2006)

::Official Site::

Melodic punk-rock from Germany! They split up 3 years ago.

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Banana Boat - What's The Thing We Do First?

Banana Boat - What's The Thing We Do First? (1998)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/36.11mb

Semi fast, melodic punk from the 90s! Really good if you like Hi-Standard and bands like that...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


NAVEL - Depend (2004)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/40.73mb

Melodic punk band from Japan! Really good in my opinion...

NAVEL - 1994-1999 recordings

Download: Mediafire 128kbps/47.44mb

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Monday, February 15, 2010


Sorry for a frog - Happy songs for somebody's happiness (2009)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/42Mb

Sorry for a frog - Keep Going (2009)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/10Mb

SORRY FOR A FROG - Happy Songs For Fuckin' People (2007)

Download: Mediafire 320 kbps/71mb

Sorry for a frog - 90s again (2006)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/40MB


Really good melodic pop punk from Japan... get this now!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010


Download Demo: Mediafire


Probably the most strange music I ever heard before! "unpredictable digital pleasure chaotic dude" from Indonesia!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Ellegarden - ELLEGARDEN BEST (1999-2008)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Figureheads Compilation (2007)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - ELEVEN FIRE CRACKER TOUR 06-07 (2007)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - ELEVEN FIRE CRACKERS (2006)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - RIOT ON THE GRILL (2005)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Pepperoni Quattro (2004)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - BRING YOUR BOARD (2003)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Don't Trust Anyone But Us (2002)

Download: Mediafire

Singles and Mini-Albums:

Ellegarden - Salamander (2006)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Space Sonic (2005)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Missing (2004)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Jitterbug (ジターバグ) (2003)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Yubiwa (2002)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - My Own Destruction (2002)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - ELLEGARDEN (2001)

Download: Mediafire

Ellegarden - Bare Foot (2001)

Download: Mediafire


A LOT of people ask us always why isn't Ellegarden in our site. Finally here you have! Probably the most famous pop-punk band from Japan.

With this post I want to celebrate that we arrived to 500.000 hits and more than 250.000 unique visitors! Thanks to everyone who follows us in all of this time, UnderMusik staff, indonesian guys, my mom (xD) and also all the people and all the websites/blogs/forums/Soulseek who shares Japanese music, not only with us but with everyone. When I started I couldn't imagine all the support we are having, so really thanks to all. As I said in the 1st compilation we hope to do 500.000 hits more soon ;)

Just one more thing! All the discographies please don't be angry with us, we just do it because we love it!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


andymori - ファンファーレと熱狂 (2010)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/50Mb

andymori - andymori (2009)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/43Mb


I really love this band! Indie/pop-rock from Japan.

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REDEMPTION 97 - Precious Songs (2009)

Download: Mediafire 256kbps/67Mb

Voodoo Glow Skulls - Redemption 97 - Split (2009)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/25Mb

REDEMPTION 97 - Good Friends Good Music (2009)

Download: Mediafire 320kbps/20Mb Thanks to Brain for the link!!


Tsuda(Ba / ex.KEMURI)
Ryoma(Gt / Last Target)
Yuji Shimoda(Tb / ex.KEMURI)
Yoshio Taniguchi(Key)

Ska from Japan! >_< . New album of the band!

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