Monday, February 22, 2010

Yoshio Kimura - Wakai Saundo (Young Sound) (1965)

Download: Mediafire 192kbps/46Mb

This is for music lovers. Surf/psychobilly rock from 1965!! Totally Recommended!


houliston said...

got this off another blog last year. i can't find out anything about yoshio kimura - there is a classical guitarist from japan of the same name: are they one and the same? did he put out any other surf albums? cheers

Bichu said...

Hi houliston. I was looking for another albums of Yoshio and I think he is the same person, the classical guitarist and the only album he released is that one.

houliston said...

choice, will have to track down some of the classical stuff. i'm surprised there is not more info online about him (notwithstanding i don't speak a word of japanese so there may well be). cheers for your reply.