Friday, April 9, 2010


Download:Megaupload 160kbps/66.4mb

AIRMAIL - Inspired (2007)
Download:Megaupload 160kbps/18mb

AIRMAIL - Your star (2007)
Download:Megaupload 160kbps/21mb

AIRMAIL - Simple music (2007)
Download:Megaupload 160kbps/15.6mb

AIRMAIL - Somewhere (2007)
Download:Megaupload 160kbps/67.2mb

AIRMAIL - Not for you vol.2 (2008)
Download:Megaupload vbr/15.6mb


An emo/alternative band from japan!u can download some live vids from their own official site.xD


mohamad said...

miss lulu can you get airmail
in mediafire.. thanks..

Lulu said...

generally there won't be any problems about megaupload...if ur using IE browser or any browsers that are based on IE there'll be totally blank sometimes when u try to access it. just right click and change the browser encoding to unicode(UTF-8) then that'd be fixed...
if its still not lemme know it...since i got some probs with mediafire myself here, i'll see what i can do. :)

Anonymous said...

this link is dead
AIRMAIL - Your star (2007)

could you re upload again, thx :D

Lulu said...

the link's still working...

try again! :)