Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ロットングラフティー(ROTTEN GRAFFTY)

ロットングラフティー - SYNCHRONICITIZM (2003)
Download:Megaupload 128kbps/24.1mb

ロットングラフティー - CLASSICK (2004)
Download:Megaupload 128kbps/42.4mb (thanx to i again.)

ロットングラフティー - えきさぴこ (2005)
Download:Megaupload VBR/64.8mb

ロットングラフティー - This World (2010)
Download:Megaupload 320kbps/66.1mb (if ur literate,yes i said NO REPOSTING※NO REPOSTEAR※禁止转载※転載禁止 thanx,:) CD Ripped by i,pw=undermusik.com)


I keep wondering if this's gonna be an explosively topical release this spring.they do sound cooler than they used to anyway.we've received loads of requests about them.now...here u go!special thanx to my friend i,thanx very much for his generosity.ありがとうございました!^^ and no reposting like i said.
p.s. if anyone has their old stuff,link me please.


Shirogumi said...

Lulu, You're awesome! :* Takin it

Lulu said...

no my friend is awesome..
so are u!
i just posted it for like,5 secs? xD

dokool said...

I saw them at Coming Kobe a week ago, they were pretty good.

Actually I'm scheduled to shoot one of their shows in a month so I better study up >_<

Cidjay said...

that's fucking great !!! powerfull and sometimes melodic... hope to see them in France...
maybe, a day...

Anonymous said...

reupload please!