Monday, June 21, 2010


Download: Megaupload 128kbps/35MB


Hello! As my first post I wanted to share with you this awesome punk rock band!!

Japanese Punk Rock Girl Band lead by ex.SOFTBALL MOE.

This is the U.S release from this album in which lyrics are mostly political, without falling into Nationalism or Anti-Americanism, but rather she writes about american imperialism (Uncle Sam), WW2, and how japanese young people need to remember their past and where they come from. (Hanamichi, Kaze to tomo ni).


Lulu said...

awesome post!!!
girls can rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome to UM krlos <3 :)

dokool said...

I was their photographer in 2008. The put on an awesome live show.

I ran into the former bassist and guitarist last fall at a show, they're still cute as ever.

Bichu said...

Cool! :D