Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bankart Lesion - Giraffic Album (2008)

Bankart Lesion - Giraffic Album (2008)
Download:UM Forum 224kbps/37.7mb


This's the solo project of the drummer from FOUR TOMORROW.i think he's super cool cuz as a drummer he also plays guitars and writes songs...A nice Shoegaze/Acoustic mini album for summer afternoons.check him out guys!highly recommended. :)

01. Facade
02. Stay Home
03. Starlight
04. Checking My Heart
05. Your Signal Isn't Fulfilled
06. Stepladder
07. The 10th Article On Fire


PenKal said...

Hi, What's the username and password to download this album?

Lulu said...

Hi there,u need to register first. :)

Anonymous said...

heyy that is amazing songg
i cant speak japanese,can u help me for download it..please

Lulu said...

u can change the default language to english after registering.:) read the tutorial here: