Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Return of The Blog!

Hi everyone, so i'm hijacking the blog with the aim of introducing you to new, upcoming and lesser known Japanese bands!

I'll post a mix of demos, EP's and mini albums from Japanese punk/rock/ska/hardcore bands, which have either been ripped from myspace or various other sources.

The quality will vary but the point is to hopefully give you a wider experience of Japanese punk!

So thanks for visiting and watch this space...


Anonymous said...

My god you are AWESOME Calvin. What a sad news was this forum creation thing written all over in japanese with a strange mentality... it's GREAT to have this blog back. Without it I would have never discovered some music that (you will guess) never sees play here in Canada. So thanks a lot !!!

Jez said...

Thanx Calvin!
It's cool to have demos in the blog and the more common stuff in the forum.

Spread the word!

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