Monday, December 20, 2010

Adrenalized - Docet Umbra (2010)

Adrenalized - Docet Umbra (2010)

Download: Mediafire 320k/54Mb (Thanks to khet for the album)


01. 300
02. No More Vassals
03. Fastest Way To The Mainline
04. Gray Youth
05. Guerrilla Fashion
06. The Fabulous Story Of Billy J. Donovan Frankenmaister
07. The Megamachine
08. Walls Of Ignorance
09. Euskerika
10. Seeking Glory First Step To Failure

Adrenalized from khet on Vimeo.


AWESOME new album of the spanish band belong Bells On Records and released in Japan too. One of the best album of the year, really fast melodic hardcore. You can download their previous album here. doubanclaim2b56eaff6779cded

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